My name is Yassen Guev. I was born in 1972 in a small city in northeastern Bulgaria called Razgrad. My professional career began in Journalism where I started in TV and later moved to print media, web and radio.

After 9 years I changed to the corporate environment working in sectors such as media, electricity distribution and production, construction equipment and the telecommunications industry.

I was in charge for Marketing, Sales, Public relations, Internal communications, Corporate responsibility, Regulatory and Governmental affairs.

Sport was and is big part of my life as I am passionate Manchester United fan and I am active in basketball, football, ski, swimming and horseback riding.

This is my blog and I hope that you will find something interesting for you here. I will share mainly things related to business, politics, sport and the telecommunications sector.




Feel free to use the texts published by me. I would appreciate if you include a link to this blog.

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